Sunday, August 2, 2015

Pool Party In Jackson

This past week and a half has been crazy and full of fun and adventure. We are finally heading back to Kansas as I am writing this. I wish Evan's leave could be longer each time, but you gotta go back to work sometime. While we were on leave I got to take pictures of my beautiful 2nd cousin Gwen! She just turned one! 
I had so much fun taking her pictures because she makes the best faces! She's too adorable. 

Her Birthday was at a country club's pool in Jackson. Our kids, especially Micah, loves the water! He was jumping in, getting out, and jumping back in repeatedly! He is reckless and daring, that's for sure. It was soo funny and definitely a work out. I didn't realize it until Micah started jumping in the deep end, that I'm really rusty on my swimming skills. I could barely keep myself up above the water holding him. It was hard! I am thinking maybe I should put my kids in swimming lessons as soon as I can and maybe I should take some too. haha
Judah on the other hand is too scared to go where he can't reach the bottom...which is kind of a good thing because I don't have to constantly watch out for him because he's usually on the stairs of the pool, versus Micah is all over the place. 
We didn't bring Ezrah's swimsuit, swimming diapers, or a float for him so he just hung out on the side with his Nina.
Happy Sunday Everyone!!!