Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Horse Back Riding and American Ice Cream

So Evan's cousin Carl just so happens to own a horse named "Smoke". I was thinking how Judah and Micah have never been on a horse before so why not ask Carl if they can ride Ol' Smoke. On Wednesday we all went to the Jackson park and waited for Carl to show up with Smoke. Judah and Micah's cousins, Lexie and Xavier, came to the park as well along with my best friend Jess and her son Tyson. It was soo exciting and so much fun!
When Carl showed up with the horse, I think only the adults were excited. The kids were unsure of the horse being there and getting on it. Judah wasn't having any of it and Ezrah was passed out for the majority of the time. I think Micah and Tyson were the only two there excited to be on Smoke.
^^Micah's first time being on a horse!!
Evan reassuring Micah it's okay.
annnd Micah is ready to giddy up! haha He is seriously soo cute! I love how happy he is in this picture. ♥
 That face though. And those dimples! This face melts my heart.
 I wanted to get on with Micah too! He started to cry when it was time to let someone else have a turn. I felt soo bad for him. After everyone had their turn, we let him get back on for a little bit. It was also very hot outside, so we couldn't let the horse be out in the heat for too long.
And here I am with my Tyson! He is soo precious. I love him to pieces. Jess was going to get on with him but unfortunately she had a dress on. (it was a last minute thing.)

We did end up getting Judah to get on the horse but as soon as we got him on, he freaked out. 
I tried to keep Judah on for just little bit longer but he was not having it. Maybe next time.
After Judah got off the horse he was perfectly cheery running around the park with Xav. He is silly.
I know all mom's don't usually do this, but I had to wake up Ezrah to get him on the horse with me. It was something I didn't want him to miss out on. I know he won't remember it, but I definitely will and I just had to. It's a good thing he didn't cry when I woke him up! Love that boy!
Here is my Micah man. He wasn't too happy that Carl was taking Smoke home.

Because it was up in the 90s that day and very humid, what would be better than going to eat some ice-cream? eh?
 So concentrated on their ice-cream...except for Judah who is chowing down...and Evan who is photobombing in the back ground. ahaha
This was also Ezrah's first time eating ice-cream yay!! He really liked it despite his face in this picture. haha He got upset because he wanted more!

annnddd if you are ever in the Cape/Jackson area, you have to go get All American Ice-cream in Jackson, MO! We got a 32 oz cookies and cream blizzard for 5 dollars! And it was DELICIOUS!!!
Happy Wednesday everyone!