Thursday, August 13, 2015

Cape Splash With the Family

 There were soo many fun filled things we did while on leave and I know I just suck at getting it all up on the blog as soon as it happens...but in my defense I was really sick for an entire week, so I really didn't get much done. (sorry about the very long sentence.) Anyways, while on leave Grandma Sonya took us and the kids cousins to Cape Splash for some water filled fun. hah! 
 We didn't plan on staying there all day, but that's what ended up happening. We were there for five hours straight! I think...or was it four? Anyways, it was four or five hours. haha 
 I love how much my kids love the water. I wasn't in the water as much because Ezrah took two very long naps while we were there. So while the kids were out having fun splish splashing, I was relaxing next to my very precious sleeping baby. 
 I probably say this all of the time and you've already read about it in other posts about how much Micah loves the water. I mean Judah does too, just not on the same level. He's okay with staying in the shallow end. He does not like getting in too deep where he can't touch. He freaks out and wants to go back to where he can touch the ground. Micah, he doesn't care. He'll jump in without anyone being around. We have to keep a really good eye on him at all times. 
This place has a whirlpool close to the shallow end but Micah is not tall enough to reach the floor there and while my husband was playing with the kids, Micah snuck off and got in the whirl pool. It was almost bad but luckily my sister-in-law, Kristen, was able to act quick and get him out of there. 
 See here? I don't think Judah was very comfortable even going in the lazy river with his grandma Sonya. I tried to get him to go one round with me and he wasn't having it. What I would really like is to put them both in swimming lessons. That would be fun.
^ ^Look at them so happy coming back from the lazy river!
Judah and Micah are soo precious! My cute little water babies! They were soo sad when we had to leave. Also, now that we are back in Riley, I forgot our pool pass back home so we haven't been able to go to the pool yet. :(
 The only disadvantage of the park, is waiting for food. We waited a good whole hour for our food! The park was packed though, but I'm sure they're always packed.
 This photo right here is my absolute most favorite photo of me and Ezrah! Evan took this of us and I am in love with it! It definitely needs to be framed! haha ♥
Just a few photographs of my cutie here, in between naps! ♥