Friday, July 10, 2015

The Diehard Engineers Military Ball

As many times as Evan tried telling me the Ball wasn't going to be like what I thought, I didn't listen to him. In my imagination, I pictured it being sort of like prom but better. In a way it kind of was...only it was much much fancier and formal. The ball was at a hotel in downtown Manhattan. When we entered the building and saw all of these fancy men and women in dress and uniform, I immediately fell out of my comfort zone and joked around with Evan, 'okay, I've seen enough, lets get outta here.' We obviously didn't leave because...c'mon? Why go through all the trouble of getting all dolled up just to leave the event as soon as you get there? haha
^^On our way to Manhattan! Why so serious?? hehe

There was also a dress code. No short dresses, no major cleavage, no slits, and no bright colors (hot pink, neon, etc.) . The dresses had to be floor length. I wasn't really worried about the dress code so much as to what I was going to wear. I was trying to find a cheap dress online that I really liked but I couldn't find one.  Thank God for mothers though because my mom found two dresses for me on sale at JCP!! She knows how to shop. She even was so generous that she had my dad drive her up here for a few days to watch the littles so we could go to the Ball! 

When we got to the hotel, the salon reminded me of a Spanish novela when all of the rich people get together in fancy dresses and stand around and chit-chat about business with their glasses of wine in hand, only I had a water. They called it the social hour. I felt very out of place. Luckily I found a few people I knew and was able to make good fanciful conversation about kids and the army while Evan was talking to his people. I even met a few new people, so it really wasn't that bad.
When we got to the table we weren't allowed to sit down until everyone at the table was present. I was petty excited about having a very fancy reserved seat next to my husband. It made me feel like I was important. hehe There was a long introduction and a bunch of toasts were made before we were allowed to sit down and eat our food.
Before dinner started though, they did something interesting that I've never heard of before...they called it "The Grog" Basically all of the commanders and 1st Sargents of each company went up to this big bucket they had in the middle of the room and they made some sort of toast and poured a whole bottle of alcohol into the bucket. After all of them were done pouring their choice of drink into the bucket, they had a jo volunteer to taste it to see if it was drinkable. The guy gave the okay and then every jo from each table went to the bucket to get a pitcher of the grog for the table to drink. I would tell you if it tasted good but I didn't drink any. Sorry guys. The other guys seemed to really like it though.
^^This beauty right here is one of my really good friends here in Fort Riley who was always there for me when I needed her during this chapter in our lives. She is a true gem and I am so sad to see her go back to Alaska! I'm sure going to miss her! Love you Christina!!
The rest of the night was filled with more talking and eating. There was also a dance after the dinner and as much as I wanted to dance, I am breastfeeding...and basically it was time to go home to let out all the milk.☺

I hope everyone is having a lovely week so far and happy weekend friends!♥