Monday, July 13, 2015

Pssst...Ezrah is Seven Months Old

Okay so this little guy turned seven months on the 8th of this month and I didn't even realize it. Then it hit me, ohhh my goodness! He's getting bigger and bigger and time is flying by so fast. He's already sort of crawling, he does this army crawl dragging himself from one side of the room to the other and it's soo cute. Right now he's trying to balance himself on all fours but not moving on all fours yet. He has his bottom two teeth in already, he's eating foods now, and he's finally sitting up on his own too! Where did my newborn go!?!? haha 
I am also in this bittersweet stage where I love love love seeing my baby grow and learn new things everyday, but at the same time I'm sad because he's never going to be this small again. I miss having Micah and Judah as babies. Every time they sit on my lap or I'm playing with them, I think, 'gosh I miss baby Judah or baby Micah.' haha Babies are just so cute and precious and innocent and scrumptious! hahaha Seriously though.
Just look at him! gahhh He literally chews on everything and it's soo cute. He's soo easy to entertain too! I could just eat him up. I know that sounds totally weird but when you have a baby you will understand! Little hands and little feet! Ezrah, stay like this just little bit longer please! :)

Okay everyone. have a great Monday! and don't forget to love extra hard on your little ones today because tomorrow they're going to be a day older, and then time will slip through your fingers without you even realizing it and you won't get that time back. ♥