Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Judah's First Year in Vacation Bible School

 If you haven't already noticed, this post is all about Judah! I cannot tell you how proud I am of this little boy. It is just beyond me. He amazes me every day. He recently completed his first year of smart start t-ball and even got a certificate of completion which I have on display in my bedroom so I can see it every morning when I wake up! This past week he also went to his first week of vacation Bible school! We drove to Manhattan every day just for this little guy. He is growing so fast, it's really a beautiful thing to see. 
 I've recently noticed how in love he is with flowers. Even at home, he'll pick up a few daisies and hand them to me. Sometimes he even likes to hold them in his hands while we are in the car. It's the little things. So sweet. ♥
 Here he is trying to count the pedals to me. :)
 To celebrate, I took him on a date to Varsity Donuts in Aggieville. P.S. This place is amazing.
 When we walked in, I knew right away which one he was going to pick. I mean who doesn't want a Cookie Monster donut? 
 Judah wanted to get Dad and Micah a donut too so we decided to take a box home for them...and a few more for the weekend. hehe What? Donuts make people happy. ♥
Judah really took his time eating that donut. He told me he was trying to save it in his tummy. haha He is so silly.

Happy Tuesday everyone!