Monday, July 20, 2015

♥ I'm Feeling 22 ♥

My birthday was like any other birthday this year. I lounged around all day with the kids and watched "go go power rangers" all morning. I also made everyone waffles for the first time in forever and coffee for myself of course.
I seriously can't get enough of these two! They're the cutest! My kids know the way to my heart.
 When Evan woke up we got ready and went bowling. Our friends down the street volunteered to watch the kids for us that night! We bowled two rounds...and I lost both rounds. Evan annihilated me, but he was still upset about his score. Men. haha But seriously you guys...the food there was delicious! Evan and I both got these bbq pretzel burgers and it was...AMAZING! Bowling alley food is no joke!
(Evan couldn't help but make fun of the way I bowl.) Hah! You should see him bowl!
We then went to see Ant Man which was actually pretty funny. It was a really good movie. There were some unexpected parts in it which I loved. Also, we went to see this movie at the B&B Theater in guys, they have reclined seats! We got to comfortably watch the movie in recliners. It was awesome. So...this is me suggesting you to go see it. I mean...who doesn't like Paul Rudd? C'mon now.
Turning 22 is kind of bittersweet. I'm another year older now. I have three kids. Judah is starting preschool, Micah is about to turn 3, and Ezrah is going to be a year old this Christmas. I will be married for five years this October too! So crazy! I'm also finally getting things going with my photography career and made some big girl purchases recently as well. I would say that I'm entering adulthood and that I'm officially leaving my teenage life but I did that a long time ago when I got pregnant and married my husband at seventeen. I feel really old even though I'm really not. Anyone else marry really young with kids?

Anyways, at least Evan was here for my birthday for the first time in 3 years. Right?
Happy Monday!