Friday, June 19, 2015

The Watkins Go Bowling!

Since Evan works on the weekends and he has Mondays off, we decided to go bowling! We've never taken all three of them bowling before. The last time we went bowling as a family, Judah was only a year old and I was pregnant with Micah. So this was both Micah's and Judah's first time really bowling. Ezrah got to chill back and watch his bigger brothers be crazy. hehe 
We had a lot of fun watching Judah and Micah take turns rolling the ball. I'm not going to lie though, they did get a few balls stuck in the gutter. They were too impatient on waiting for their turns and Evan and I were trading Ezrah back and forth all the while. 
This is Micah impatiently waiting for the balls to come back but we had to wait for one of the employees to go get the balls rolling again. hehe
 Evan and I only played one game. Our game took a while though because we were trying to help the boys the entire time and going back and forth. Micah even bowled for me and Ev a few times while Evan was trying to help Judah and I was holding Ezrah. Like always Evan beat me but I also have to admit, the kids beat me in bowling too...but they did have technically they cheated. Right? haha and and and we helped them. :) They were having so much fun we went ahead and bought them another game. One game seems really short when the kids don't hesitate to throw a ball down as soon as they can.
 Judah was trying to explain to me how he rolled the ball and hit a bunch of pins down. He was really proud of himself. ♥♥♥
 We definitely need to go bowling again soon sometime. Judah and Micah were begging to go back the next day! Maybe this weekend...maybe. hah!