Monday, June 15, 2015

Running Around Town

We stayed up really late Saturday night. It was an accident I promise. So we ended up waking up late for church Sunday. I hate missing church. I am the queen of freak outs when I miss church. I hate it. I set my alarm clock and everything and I don't remember shutting it off. I really don't but apparently I did in my sleep I suppose... and I'm a really light sleeper too! Darnnnitt. Anyways... we still got ready as if we were going to church. 

Evan is taking a Summer online math class (the same class I took while he was deployed! Go figure) so I've been the good wife and helping him out with it...what!? Me helping Evan with math? Who would've thunk it? haha Crazy, I know I know. When we were dating, he was the one helping me with high school math and now I'm helping him with college algebra! I don't know about you but I'm feeling pretty awesome right now.
To the point though, I helped him with a test before we left to the Little Apple. That's what the Manhattan in Kansas is called in case anyone didn't know...

If you're a normal lady like myself then I know Target is your pitfall. Just like it is mine. We ALWAYS go to Target everytime we decide to go to Manhattan. Even if I don't need anything there, I always make up something that I need that I really don't need. You know? I know I'm not the only one who does this while their husband is griping in the seat next to you. "I'll wait in the car." he says, hoping that you will hurry up if he does. hahaha Nope. No one is rushing this girl. And yes we did go to Target today. I'm trying to fill up my walls with pictures of the family. I want this temporary home to feel more like home while we are here. I keep putting this kind of stuff off and then I keep seeing other peoples homes and how full of life it looks and then I look at mine and think, 'how depressing.' So I'm doing something about it.
We have a bad habit of going through the drive-thru at Arby's every Sunday because we are too lazy to take the kids out and deal with them in the restaurants, but we decided we are going to try and change that. We decided that every Sunday we are going to a sit down restaurant with all the kids. Maybe one day they will learn to behave. haha They aren't that bad but Judah can get pretty loud sometimes. I have to say that Ezrah is the best behaved out of all three of them. He literally sits there in the high chair(woot woot! He is officially at high chair status now!) and watches his two older brothers be crazy. I'm sure it's entertaining enough to keep him quiet. Today we drove around Aggieville and picked out a place to eat. Evan was feeling Chinese so we went to this chinese restaurant I forgot the name of it already. oops. It wasn't that great so we most likely will never be going back. Also, never ever order baby back ribs at a Chinese restaurant because they do not know how to cook it, unless you like it burnt then always go to a Chinese restaurant to eat them.
Since we were already in Aggieville we walked up the street to Cold Stone for ice-cream! Who doesn't love ice-cream? Ice-cream is always a good idea. (:
I tried to get the hubs to go bowling after that but he was too tired. I guess my Target shopping and eating out with the family is enough for one day. haha