Monday, May 4, 2015

♥ Happy Birthday Mi Amore ♥

So so sorry it's a little bit blurry, wish it wasn't and I did the best I could in making this video considering I had all the kids inside going crazy but I had to get this done. This is also my first time ever singing with a guitar....second time. I lied. I usually just sing along while someone else plays. It is def hard work playing and singing at the same time. I'm soo concentrated on my chords and then I forget the words or if I'm too concentrated on the words I forget what I'm doing with my fingers. sheesh. 

Anyways, It's Evan's Birthday today and we are going to party all day...I think. Or atleast the boys are. They're going to be minecrafting it all day I'm sure. I'll probably be cleaning and making all the meals as usual. Or maybe we'll go out to eat. hmmmm

Anyways, Evan I love you. Thanks for sticking around another year. ;) Not that you're getting old or anything. But seriously. 
Here is one of the earliest pictures I have of us while we were dating. I did have over 700 pictures out of the six months that we did date...but they kind of got lost in a sim card that was in my camera. Basically I lost my camera. I was soo irresponsible..tisk tisk, and didn't realize I left it at the park until the next day when I realized I didn't have my camera and I panicked and I cried literally for two weeks mourning all of the lost pictures. I'm pretty sure I left it on the table there and just took off without even thinking. I didn't have a computer at the time to put the pictures on, in case you were wondering why I had that many pics on my sim card still. I did go to the Arena building and asked if any city workers found it there, and gave the lady at the desk my number in case it was brought in. Never got a call. So depressing. Since then I always upload my pics to my computer asap!  Look how young we look in this picture though! So crazy. This was at least five years ago now. 

Soooo Happy Birthday my love, the song pretty much says it all! I love you! ♥