Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Can You Guess Who Their Favorite Super Heroes Are?

This spring weather has got me on my feet! I love love love this weather! We could play outside all day in this weather...minus when it rains, but the fresh smell of rain is amazing too!
Judah was handing me grass that he picked just for me. (: I'll take it considering we have no flowers around here.
Judah was pretending to be Batman and Micah is always split between Superman and Robin...and sometimes the Joker. Only because Judah decided it to be that way. haha If it were Micah's way, I'm sure he'd want to be Thomas or Percy the train. Micah loves his trains and Judah loves his Batman. It's okay though because Micah likes being Superman or Robin just to make his brother happy and they have a good time running around the back yard and stomping and doing weird toddler things. Here's a video of what I'm talking about.
I could not stop laughing after I re-watched this video a hundred times. Then again they are my kids, but still so funny to me. I'm just soo glad I got a video of this! They usually freak out and stop doing what they are doing when I whip out the camera. Not this time! It was a good time. ♥
This was from the other day, Micah wanted to ride his bike and Judah wanted to stay inside and do whatever he was doing. Evan stayed inside with Ezrah and Judah while I went outside with Micah. He loves to ride his bike and it's soo much fun to watch him. The only thing we need to work on, is moving to the side walk when cars are coming. Not that many cars come up and down our street but when they do, Micah literally stops in his tracks and waits for the cars to move around him until I come and move Micah back to the sidewalk. Then he gets mad because I moved him to the side. It's tough being two huh? haha
He's cute though so it's okay. (:
Happy Week Days!!!