Thursday, April 2, 2015

Weekend In Chicago

This past weekend Evan, Ezrah, and I went to Chicago! It was my first time there! And Ezrah's too...but it doesn't really count for him since he won't remember any of it, does it?
 Am I the only one who gets that amazing tingly feeling when they're driving into any kind of city with tall pretty buildings everywhere? I hope not. It never gets old.
We stayed at the Travel Lodge Hotel downtown and this was the view from our window. (: Yes that is a moose blowing a bubble. :)
We arrived in Chicago Thursday night. We were soo hungry and it was very very cold and windy. We did not come prepared. Go figure. Because we had no idea how the train or bus systems there worked there, we walked to the closest eating place we could find that wasn't a bar. We ended up eating at The Corner Bakery where they have the tiniest sandwiches I've ever seen.
 On Friday morning we walked in the windy cold to Millenium Park to see "the bean". It was as beautiful as I thought it would be, just like in the movies. 
 This nice British man saw us struggling to get all three of us in a "selfie" with "the bean" in the background so he offered to take this picture for us. I love nice people.
It was soo pretty I didn't want to leave! haha The reflection of it is soo alluring. I couldn't stop looking at it. 
 After seeing the bean and site seeing the city for a little bit, we ended up taking a taxi to the Navy Pier. It was just way to cold to walk all the way there especially with Ezrah. We tried to figure out which bus would take us there, but after waiting for three of the wrong buses, it was time to just take a taxi. haha If it was warmer outside, we could have walked there easily. We kept talking the entire time about how we came on the wrong weekend because next weekend it's supposed to be warm! 
I wanted to go on the Ferris Wheel soooo badly, but it was still closed for the season. How disappointing. It'll probably be open this weekend I bet. That just means that we have to come back during the summer and bring the kids too! I couldn't help but get sad everywhere we walked just thinking, "aww Judah would have loved that or Micah would have loved this" and there were soo many things for the kids to do like the Zoo and the Children's Museum, and there were a few other family related things to do, so we definitely have to come back with everyone next time. (:
I also felt like this time I didn't take enough pictures only because we didn't have the kids with us. When we do have the kids with us, I always come home with over a million pictures to go through. Please tell me I'm not the only mom out there who does this. hahaha 
We finally found a bus that took us to the Water Tower...which is a shopping center indoors. There was no way I could do shopping outside that day. We didn't shop as much as I wanted to on that day because around seven my body decided it was time to go back to the hotel. I was super tired. There was no way I could keep on shopping, even though I wanted badly.
My friends...on Saturday I decided it was time to cut it off. I was nervous out of my mind but my precious long hair was no longer precious. After coloring it one too many times, it turned into barbie doll hair. It was super tangly all of the time and breaking off terribly. I had to cut it. But I loved the color too much to color over it, so I kept the blue ends. Te gusta? I really do like it, but I'm also still getting used to having short hair. Evan got his hair cut too, but he's a guy and didn't want a picture. hehe
After we got our hair cuts, we paid ten dollar parking just to look at the beautiful lake for a while and take some pictures of course! Ten dollar pictures everyone! We would have stayed longer if it was warmer outside. Owellssssssss 
We ended up shopping some more downtown and maybe even stayed too long at the Disney Store. It was my first time in a Disney Store and the entire time I was wishing they made princess dresses for adults that I could buy just for me. Ya know? A girl can dream. I also wanted to buy everything in there for Judah and Micah that I could, but ya know...can't really do that. hahaha
On Sunday, Evan took me to the Rain-forest Cafe because I had never been. It was definitely something else. The food reminded me of Olive Garden but that's also probably because I got pasta like always. I do that a lot. I get scared to order anything else because most often than not, I end up getting something that I don't like. But the whole restaurant was beautiful and the thunderstorms were awesome and I enjoyed the monkeys going crazy and the sounds of the rain forest was pretty sweet too. Judah and Micah would have loved it! haha

 I wanted to bring Judah and Micah along, but I knew it would have been a heavy load bringing both of them, and on top of that, I had lost my voice and couldn't talk. The entire week, all I could do was whisper or write everything down for people to understand me or hear me. It was great... Thanks to my lovely mother though, who volunteered to watch my boys while we went. Turns out both Judah and Micah got really sick as soon as we left. Makes me sad that I couldn't take care of them while they were sick. :(  Also, I'm not better yet entirely. I got some of my voice back now, but I have to talk really low because I like to sound like man. yeah! and I still have this ridiculous cough that I'm starting to get used to after having it for two weeks. yeah! and now Ezrah is sick too because of Chicago being super cold and windy...and maybe my fault too. But hey, the worst part is over with. I was thinking a while ago, if I had a different job, how could I call in sick for a week? Or would I have to go in sick even though I couldn't talk and was coughing every second? Just curious. I'd probably get fired. haha Anyways, we've been doing nothing but trying to relax this week and recoup from our nasty colds. pssst...It's working. 
Aaanndd I will end with this super adorable shot of Ezrah that Evan captured while we were eating at the Rain-forest Cafe before we left. (: SOO PRESH!