Sunday, April 26, 2015

On the Road

We are finally done driving back and forth from here to Missouri multiple times. I am so done driving for a long time. Spending an eight hour drive to MO is grueling and then back to KS is even more so. 

So here's a synopsis for you. I drove to Kansas to get our house and see Evan come home from deployment. A week later we're driving back to MO for Evan's deployment leave, but first we drop our dog off at Ev's dad's house before we hit the road again to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Three days later, we drive back to MO from Gatlinburg. A week later we drive to Chicago for three days, then we drive back to MO. Two weeks later we drive back to KS for Evan to sign in. Four days later we drive back to MO for my grandparents 60th anniversary, oh and also my sister that lives in Seattle came to town and there was no way I was going to miss it. Then one day later we drive back to KS for a good long while. So here's to no more driving long distances. here here! We did have fun though, so I guess all the driving was worth it, but man am I tired. That's the Army life for ya. We have to fit everything in while we can.
 On the upside of all this traveling, Spring finally showed up for good. I love this weather! Also, seeing Micah and Judah swing on rusty old swings that I used to swing on when I was younger isn't so bad either. (:
 ^^This right here is mi familia Seyer. My Seyer family! ♥ ♥ ♥ Love them! We had to get a family picture in before Toni went back to Seattle and us to Kansas. We don't know when we all are going to be together again in one setting. Tough living far away from each other.
 Two of my handsome men. This is also Judah a day before he turned four! Crazy how time flies!
 I always have so much fun with my lovely mother and sister. We need to have more get-togethers, just us girls. ♥
I think everyone has a best friend and maybe it's their sister and maybe it's not, but this girl right here is the bestest friend I've ever had. She's always there for me and sometimes gives me good advice. ;) She laughs at me when I dance and when I try to be funny but fail miserably. She tells me the straight up truth even if I don't want to hear it. She's the friend that will tell me when I have spinach on my front tooth...when the party is over. She tells me when I'm getting fat and when my outfit looks hideous. She even cuts my hair shorter so that I will look more like her! She's a firecracker and maybe so am I, but that's what makes her my bff for life. ♥ And and and I will miss her like crazy. I need to go back to Seattle soon...but maybe when I do, I'll fly there. (: