Sunday, April 12, 2015

Easter Weekend 2015

Oh the glorious Easter weekend. It was pretty fun and crazy and lots and lots of unnecessary but very necessary chocolate candies. There's also all of the family visiting fun as well... basically it was a pretty eventful weekend. 

Lets start off on Saturday. We went to Cape First's Eggstravaganza at the park. They had jump houses, games, popcorn, a coffee truck, a small petting zoo, and of course they had an Easter egg hunt for all the different age groups. We decided to go with Micah and Judah's age group and they didn't get any eggs. As soon as they said go, all the other kids rushed to get eggs and Judah and Micah decided to sit down in the grass and watch...and then they were upset that their baskets weren't full of eggs magically on their own after there were no more eggs left. So we then decided to go with the older age group and again, they didn't get any eggs...and again they were upset. They were upset until a little girl from church that is a little bit older than Judah voluntarily gave them both a few of her eggs.
After the event was pretty much over, we let the kids play at the park. There's this train there too and that's what the kids were playing on for a while, and Micah was just being cranky in this picture because he didn't want to sit down so I could take a picture of him with Judah. hehe

Later on that night when we went home, Judah and Micah colored their Easter eggs and put stickers on them...and stabbed them with the markers they were drawing with. It was great. The egg coloring process did not last as long as I thought it would. 
On Sunday we went to Easter Sunday service at my parents Hispanic church. We celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ and his great loving sacrifice for us all. After church we spent a good time with Evan's father's side of the family for Easter. Almost Everyone came to his father's house to eat and be together. The boys even had their own little Easter egg hunt of their own in the backyard. This time they did get eggs full of candy, and at their own speed too. (: 
Here's a little film I made as well. :) 
For the next few hours we spent Easter at my Aunts house and every year now we have an adult Easter egg hunt. The eggs are hidden very well, and instead of candy in all the eggs they have numbers, pictures, or the egg has a pattern...and the winner egg is hidden the best. That would be the football egg. People who get eggs with numbers have to compete for the prize, whether it be singing, bending over in downward dog and barking like a dog, or trying to pretend to be a drunk hopping bunny. Needless to say, it was a lot of fun. I hope everyone else had a wonderful blessed Easter. (: