Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Weekend In Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Is it bad that I had no idea what Gatlinburg was or what it was all about before I went? I think so. I didn't even  bother looking it up on my phone. I just relied on what my mother-in-law, the lady who planned the whole weekend, told me about it. "It's soo beautiful! You'll love it there!" she said. "I rented a really pretty cabin in the mountains." she said. I don't think anyone was as pumped as she was about this trip. She also has been several times and we have not been at all. 

The drive there was awful. Soo many curves and turns and ear poppings. It was ridiculous. Plus it rained almost the whole way there. Once we got there though, man...I knew what Sonya was talking about and why she was soo excited. It was beautiful.
Our cabin was up in the mountains,with a perfect view of the Great Smoky Mountains. I've never seen them so close before. Well at least, not that I remember. It was definitely a weekend I could never forget. I'm almost considering going back now. haha And maybe staying longer too.

There were soo many things to do and places to see. We had a big group, my brother and sister-in-law with their kids, mine, and "Gwamma Sonya". 
The first day there we did nothing more than walk around the entire downtown and admired everything in view. We stopped to eat at Dicks Last Resort only because it was closest to where we were parked and we were all really hungry. If you have ever been to Dicks before and you're like me, you probably don't want to go back. They were rude, had their feet up on the table, yelling smart remarks at us, and just literally being dicks. I mean, I am all for sarcasm, irony, and jokes, but being flat out mean isn't my deal. The only funny part of it was getting the hats with writing on it. As much as I didn't want to tip them, I did and it wasn't a bad tip either, I can promise you that. I know it's their job to literally be rude to the customers, so I will just leave it at that. I was kind of embarrassed my kids had to see that. I don't wan them to think it's okay to act that way because it's not. If you have little ones, don't take them there! haha The food was good though, I'll give them that.
^Gwamma Sonya^
^Brother-in-law Ryan^
 ^Sister-in-law Kristen^
 Xavier and Judah! Judah wasn't too happy. Can you tell?
And then he fell asleep on the table!
He decided he wanted to wear his hat later on that night when we got back to the cabin.

Our second day there was when we did all the fun stuff. We went to the Ripley's Aquarium! It was soo cool! I have never been to an aquarium before...well I have, but it was itty bitty, nothing compared to this one. It was AMAZING! I am also 97% sure that the kids loved it too. (:
Judah was too upset to be in the picture above. He was definitely ready for a nap!
Judah and his cousin Xavier. They were in this tunnel surrounded by all the fish. This picture doesn't do it justice. It was soo cool! Micah went in it too with his cousin Lexi, but I couldn't get a good enough picture because there were soo many other kids in there with them.
That would be me holding a Horseshoe Crab!It was very cool. I picked it up first to see if Judah and Micah would want to hold it, but even after I picked it up, they still didn't want to hold it or even touch it. haha
Later on we went to the Moving Movie Theatre where we got to sit in moving seats and wear 3d glasses. It was a heck of an experience. Judah and Micah loved it too. I held Micah's hand through the whole thing so he wouldn't get scared, he loved it though. He pretty much laughed almost the entire time. It was a video of a rat race, and the second video was snow tubing. It even snowed inside the theater! It was awesome! Minus all the jerking of course, but we were fine. :) Sonya sat in front in the non-moving seats with Ezrah so that I could sit in a moving one. So sweet of her. I just love Grandmothers! 
Wish it didn't turn out super blurry but at least you can see their smiling faces!
After that, we went straight to the mirror house. That house was crazy. I've never been in a mirror house that big. We were able to see which way to go though, thanks to all of the finger prints all over the mirrors. The kids didn't notice them though, so we had a good laugh watching them run into mirrors for a while.
The next day we drove to Pigeon Forge to ride the Jurassic Park Boat Ride. I'll just tell you right now, it's not worth the money. It was fun to see the kids faces, but I don't think they were too easily fooled. They knew it was fake. The effects were awful. It was actually funny how bad the effects were. To end the night we all went to the arcade across the street to let the kids have some fun. Judah ran off with Xavier and wanted to play all the games that he wanted to play, and Micah was stuck at this one water game, where you had to spray the duckies back into their holes to get points. I had some fun too. I got to play dance dance revolution with my brother-in-law and I am not as good as I thought I was. That was disappointing. hehe and then I played some good ole guitar hero against a little kid who ended up whooping my butt and later told me he goes there everyday after school just to play guitar hero...
I have to admit, they were scared at first due to all the scary dinosaur noises until it started.
Our third day there, we literally relaxed the entire day, and we walked around some more and shopped a little. We ended the night downtown eating at No Way Jose's! Let me tell you, the food was delish! I usually don't prefer to eat Mexican food out, because I'm so used to eating it at home all the time, because it's the only thing I know how to cook, and when I'm at my mom's, it's all she cooks too. But. but. this place was a different story. Oh yea. I think what made it soo good was their dessert called The Churro Sundae. Yup. that thing was heaven. I can't believe I didn't take a picture of it! I have to go back now! I'm getting hungry just thinking about it! hahaha and maybe I am a little slap happy right now too. I NEED TO SLEEP!
Here I introduce to you, the fattest man ever drafted into the Army.
Overall the weekend was a success! I had lots and tons of fun and so did all the kids! Thank you to my mother-in-law for planning such an awesome weekend and being very thoughtful the entire time. Love you sweet pea! (:

And this concludes the longest post The Watkins Diaries has ever seen...I think. hehe