Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Nine Months Later...Evan's Homecoming

Saturday February 28th, my lover, my right hand, my husband came home from deployment. I had been waiting for this day for nine months. These past nine months have been extremely long and almost unbearable without him. I honestly don't understand how I went this long without being with him. I'm never going to get used to him deploying. Him coming home to his family though, that's the best part. I arrived in Fort Riley five days earlier to move into our new house and try to get everything in order. We still haven't got everything fixed up yet. Moving is tough work. We'll get it done eventually though.
Judah was really excited for Evan to come home. I don't think they realized that he was going to be arriving at the 1986 building in less than an hour though. Both him and Micah were more excited about all the free chocolate and candy they had free for the taking. They were also playing some children movie up on the big screen. They didn't pay much attention to it though because there were kids running everywhere! It was like party house up in that gym. Cameras and flashes left and right, strollers all on the floor, big poster signs everywhere too, and lots of snacks and chocolate everywhere.
Before the soldiers walked in, they played a four minute video full of pictures and little video clips of their time in Kuwait and Iraq. It was nice. I didn't get to see the entire video though because Judah and Micah both had to pee during it, so I took them before it was too late.
Right here, when I saw them go up and stand there with the banner, my heart skipped a beat and I could feel the perspiration on my hands. I was so nervous. I didn't know how to act or what to say. I hadn't seen this man in over nine months. It was scary. All this time we've both learned to live without each other. There is not enough books out there that can tell you how to act when your soldier comes home or how to deal when he's gone. I don't think it works that way and the book can't decide for you how you should or shouldn't act. It's all in the matter of the heart I suppose.
Even though I was there, and I took this picture, I couldn't tell which one was Evan because they all look the same and their hats did a good job of shadowing their faces...and also I was kind of nervous to make eye contact with him if I did see him. Later on he told me, he didn't see me at first either. No big deal, however I was the last person to hug him. I let everyone get to him first. It was in no way like the movies where the girl runs up and jumps on her man and they have like this perfect ideal kiss. Nope. Not like that at all. There was too many bleachers and stairs to walk down without accidentally tripping and falling, you also have to remember too that children were involved. It wasn't just me. 
This picture is soo special to me because it's the first time Evan and Ezrah got to finally meet.♥
Reunited and it felt soo good. haha Judah got lost in the crowd with Xavier. He was more concerned with playing with his batman toy and being next to Xavier than anything else.
I think Evan was more excited than anyone to finally be back home and in the states! Although I dislike the Army for taking away my husband and father to my children repeatedly, I do understand it's a choice Evan made to provide for us and also to defend this country we live in, and I am forever grateful for him and all the men and women he works with every day.
 Evan with his dad. ^^
 Evan with his brother Ryan, his Grandpa Mac, and his cousin Carl.
 Evan with Ryan and his step-brother Nate.
Ev with his step-mom, Jill.
♥ Our first family picture including Ezrah together! ♥
We tried to get a good picture with Judah but he was not having it. He fell asleep on the way home even though it wasn't that long of a drive. Owells. Now that we have a family of five, I find it a lot harder to get everyone in a picture. With two children, Evan holds one, and I'll hold the other. Now with three, one of us has to hold up two...that will be Evan here soon. haha I can already see it.
Thanks to Sonya for helping with the Welcome Home sign! I'm not too fond of my handwriting so I had her write it on there for me. (:
Evan with Ryan and his mother, Sonya, later on at our new home.
It was such a good weekend. Both sides of Evan's family were able to make it. It was definitely a weekend full of love and lots of eating food! And even though I wasn't completely finished fixing up the house, I loved having a houseful surrounded by the people we love.