Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snow Dayzz

Never did I ever imagine having three precious little boys. All with their own unique personality that makes them all special in their own ways. I love them to pieces. 
I'm not going to lie though, they have their moments...many moments to be exact where they just drive me crazy and I literally don't know what to do, but that's all about being a mom huh? hehe These past few days have been extremely challenging considering we've been stuck at home all day everyday since this snow storm hit. Trying to keep everyone off of each other and playing nicely is harder than you would think.
On Monday around 5:30 in the morning, I woke up to this beauty. I had to take pictures while the snow was still falling and before they cleared the roads. Breath taking right? I love it.
The snow was a little bit over 12 inches! As you can see, Micah is almost buried in it just walking through! crazy deep!
Judah wasn't as fond of the snow as Micah was. He barely wanted to get in it. Earlier in the day he did go down the hill with my brother, but he didn't stay out long then either.
Micah decided to be a big boy and go down the hill all by himself! I wish I had caught it on tape because he was laughing and screaming the whole way down! It was great! 
He was soo happy. He kept saying "again! again mom! again!" I had to go down the hill because he was stuck in the snow and couldn't get out. The whole street was thick that day. Even I had trouble walking through it! I had to carry him back up the driveway. Letting him try to walk was getting him no where. hehe
I really felt bad for Judah. He didn't want to go down the hill with us. He came around the driveway and kept telling me, "sorry mom. sorry. sorry I didn't go down hill with you." If only I knew what was going through that little mind of his. I don't know if he was genuinely scared or if he was too cold or what, but all he wanted to do was go back inside and he felt bad about it.

And incase you were wondering, yes those are plastic bags on my kids feet. I didn't buy snow boots for them because I really didn't think it was going to snow this winter. I was wrong. At least the plastic bags kept their feet nice and dry! Life hack! haaaha.

Growing up we always wore plastic bags on our feet because my parents couldn't afford to buy snow boots every year for four growing kids. I don't blame them! Boots are expensive!

Anyways, I hope everyone is having fun in the snow this week!