Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Christmas 2014!...Also, Happy New Year!

So we made these Merry Christmas feet snowman art...does that make sense? haha Well all the children stamped their feet onto these pieces of paper for their great grandparents and we made their feet into snowmen. :) We decided until last minute to put on all of the stickers since they were all on sale at target. I had to. I couldn't resist. (: No way I was going to pass up 68 cents Christmas stickers. I just love Christmas. It's my favorite!
It was their great-grandmother's birthday on Christmas Eve. We celebrated her birthday before we celebrated Christmas that day. So purple balloons it is for the woman who loves purple...and then the kids attack. hehe
Judah and Micah with their cousins! Soo darn cute. I love how there are three boys and three girls. Well actually now four boys, (Ezrah) and three girls. 
The birthday girl! Grandma Great! ♥ ^^
This ^^ is the only picture of just me this past Christmas and I sort of love it.
They were both pretty ecstatic about their batman ninja presents, especially Judah. 
Then there's this cutie who got a tricycle for Christmas. He rode back and forth almost the entire time. He loved it.
Judah got one as well. He wasn't as excited as Micah though, only because he wanted all of the presents his older cousin, Xavier, received instead. He wants to be "cool, like Xavier".
This here is my sweet cousin Sophie and her step-dad Charles with Ezrah. I love love love this picture. :)

I hope every one had an awesome and blessed Christmas!

Now as for New Years, I was the boring mom who tried to put everyone to sleep before midnight. I myself would have liked to be able to sleep, but Micah ended up sleeping for only ten minutes. He woke up and wouldn't go back to sleep and then Ezrah woke up too and he wouldn't go back to sleep. So I decided if I'm going to be up, we might as well watch the countdown on the telly. Unfortunately I was on the wrong channel because we watched Fergie sing right through the countdown. I didn't notice until 12:08, and yes I was a little disappointed. Oh well, next year will be better.
Happy New Year!

P.S. I do know it's seven days into the new year already... hehe