Thursday, December 4, 2014

River Front and Christmas Light Show With the Family

 This year the Watkins family had Thanksgiving on Sunday downtown at Port Cape. It was a nice little gathering that we haven't had in a while. After lunch we all walked across the street to the river. I was a bit of a nervous wreck. I was soo worried the kids were going to accidentally fall into the river or fall down the rocks to get closer to the water. Considering I'm 40 weeks pregnant now, there wasn't much that I could do about it, but the kids had a lot of fun throwing a bunch of rocks into the river...which made me happy. 
 These aren't the safest steps to be running up but...hey these kids are like monkeys. There's really no stopping them. haha
Judah and his cousin Xavier pretending to be super heroes. (:
 Just some of the cousins hanging out with their Aunt Dawn. And yes, this part terrified me too.
I'm also a little surprised my water didn't break! I walked around and even jogged a little bit for hours chasing the littles and nothing. I was sort of hoping Sunday was the day. haha
 This little guy is just too cute for words. ♥ He's always doing his own thing.
 The boys with their grandpa (Ev's dad). He walked them down the hill of rocks since I couldn't.
This is the result of Micah not listening to mama and running off in the other direction of the train tracks and getting his feet stuck in a huge mud hole in between the tracks. It was funny because Micah is really anal about his shoes, so he complained about them being muddy for a good while. 
 After we had spent an hour or two playing at the riverfront, we walked up a few blocks to get our spot for the Christmas light parade! We still had about an hour before it was supposed to start, so you know. Out comes the phone to keep them distracted for a little bit.
 One of these days when Micah is older, he might just be one of the best photographers. ^^ He took this one of me. (: Not bad for a two year old. (p.s, his Aunt Kristen held the camera to make sure it didn't drop while he pointed and shot this.)
 And finally!! The Parade is about to start!!
The parade this year was alright. We thought we were at the start of the parade and really we were at the end. So the float people were a bit winded down already and not that spirited. Also, I know the candy is everyones favorite part...and since we were at the end, there wasn't much candy for us either. :(  boo. Micah passed out on my lap half way through anyways, and his Aunty Kristen had to hold him for a while since I couldn't, considering my huge belly and I was sitting on the ground with him. Not very comfortable. Next time we are definitely bringing folding chairs. 

Anyways, I hope everyone is having an awesome week!