Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Putting Up Our Christmas Tree!

These guys are soo silly. We went to the storage the other day to get out our Christmas tree and lights out, and as soon as I open up the box they grab the string of lights and rush down the the hallway to plug it in. (:
They tried to help me spruce up the tree but ended up pulling out some of the stems... oops. hehe
We realized too late that my mom didn't have any Christmas decorations for the tree so we had to go out and buy some, and put the ornaments on the next day.
We may have bought some Christmas pajamas while we were out...
Judah calls these "ho ho jamas!" and I love the way they decorated the tree. All of the ornaments in one area. It's great. It really is. :)
and so is this brotherly love that I never ever get to see. It's soo rare. I'm surprised I got it on camera to be honest. I blame it on the Christmas cheer!! No complaining over here!!
Happy decorating!!!