Monday, December 22, 2014

Ezrah's Birth Story

On Monday, December 8th at around 3:30a.m. I woke up from having really strong contractions. I was already dilated at 5 centimeters for a week. I was also having contractions every once in a while but they were never constant. So when I woke up from the first contraction, I didn't think anything of it, so I went back to bed...then I had another. I got back out of bed and waited a bit longer. The next one came stronger. I wanted to wait a bit longer for my water to break but I was nervous since I was already 5 cm. I was afraid the baby would come out fast and we wouldn't make it to the hospital. I quickly woke up my mother and we left for the hospital. I was 6 cm when we arrived. Then the waiting began. The nurses were for sure my water was going to break at any moment since my cervix was super thin. My doctor wasn't on call yet so she didn't give orders for them to break my water until she got there. I was really hoping for my water to break and it go really quick so that I wouldn't have to get the epidural. But my water wasn't breaking and I was in soo much pain that I gave in. My doctor finally arrived around 7:30a.m. By that time I was already dilated at 9 centimeters for an hour and my water still hadn't broken. My doctor came in and the baby came out literally as soon as she broke my water. Then I saw this perfect little baby and I couldn't believe I just pushed out a baby because I didn't feel a thing! It was really weird. I remember feeling super awesome and accomplished after I gave birth to Judah and Micah because I had to go through all this pain and I had to actually work to get them out. If only the nurses went ahead and broke it earlier, right?  I still regret getting the epidural. That was the worst decision ever. 

The anaesthesiologist was very rude and barely said anything to me. He didn't bother telling me how the whole epidural process was going to go down. He didn't explain anything to me and I was very nervous about getting the epidural in the first place and in pain! When he decided to put the needle in me, he didn't even tell me he was doing it and then raised his voice at me when I flinched. "Don't move! That's how you get hurt!" he said. I wanted to cry and then he did something else. I don't know if it was the medicine or the needle but this sharp rumbling pain went through my right leg. I told him it hurt and then he said It was my fault and that he had to readjust it. Now two weeks later and my right leg hurts so bad, and I know it's from the epidural. I really wish I didn't get it. I should have just stuck it out like I did with Judah and Micah. Oh well. Shoulda coulda woulda.
I am just really glad I have this little gem right here. They grow up so fast in the first month. He's getting soo big already. Wouldn't it be awesome if baby's could remember everything from their first moments being able to see? Or their first Christmas? Or the first time they started to walk or talk? Yea...I think about those things a lot. I also wonder about when they actually start to remember things. 
Gaaaassshh!!!♥♥♥ If only they could stay this little just a little bit longer! Right??