Thursday, December 11, 2014

Conversations With Judah

Me: Hey Judah, what letter is this? (pointing at the letter P).
Judah: P! For pretty! You pretty mom.
Judah: Mom, you eat baby in your tummy so now there's baby in your tummy?
Me: No Judah, I didn't eat a baby so that I could have one in my tummy. haha
Judah: Oh, me eat Micah so he can be in my tummy?
Me: No Judah, you can't eat your brother so that he can be in your tummy..
Judah: oh...ootay. (*sad tone*)
Judah: (*throwing a small fit*) I want to go see daddy!
Me: We can't right now. Here, do you want to count down the months to when he'll be home?
Judah: yeeaaa.
Me: October, November...
Judah: Choketobber, Nokveker.
Me: (*laughing hysterically*) No, Judah. Say Oct-ob-er.
Judah: Chalktokerrr.
(We couldn't get October right, so we didn't try with the other months. ahaha)
Judah: We gonna watch batman Micah.
Micah: why?
Judah: cause, we watch batman.
Micah: why?
Judah: Micah cause, es batman.
Micah: why?
Judah: (*groans) Micaahhhh. ssshhhhh.
So, we're driving home from Target one day, and Judah randomly says, "Mom you pink"
Me: I'm pink?
Judah: yea mom. and I'm orange.
Me: Well then, what color is Micah? Is he blue?
Judah: No, he's orange too.
Me: Can I be orange too?
Judah: No mom, you pink. I orange, Micah orange, dad orange.
Me: ...oh cool I'm pink and you all are orange. cool.
Judah: you welcome.
For mine and Ev's anniversary, he had flowers and a Happy Anniversary balloon sent to me. Well Judah and Micah are in love with this balloon and they're fighting over it. Taking it away, running, and the other one will take it away, and run. You get the deal. So on Sunday after church they decide to take it outside... you can imagine already where this is going. Micah snatches the balloon from Judah, runs out of the porch area and accidentally lets go of the balloon. The balloon is flying away and neither one can reach it.
Micah immediately crouches down and says, "oh gosh! oh gosh! oh gosh!" -reminded me of Shirley Temple.
Judah doesn't know what to do so he's screaming, "nooooooo balloon!!"
They're both obviously upset, but it was the cutest thing to me. Is that bad?
Anyways while we're all watching the balloon fly away, Judah says, "wait balloon! I fly to you. (makes a whole bunch of nonsense sound effects to boot up his ability to fly)" and he jumps up. "aww man! I can't do it!"
It was great. You had to be there.
Judah had hit his head on something and was trying to tell me about it...
Judah: Mom! I hit head! Look! (pointing at the spot) It's beeding!
Me: Judah, you're not bleeding. You're okay.
Judah: yuh huh mom, see? It's going bum bum, bum bum, bum bum.
Me: Judah, I think you're talking about your heart. Your heart goes bum bum, bum bum, bum bum.
Judah: Ohhh! My heart! Yay! (walks away going bum bum, bum bum, bum bum...completely forgets about having hit his head.) haha

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