Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween 2014

 Introducing.... Judah Batman!
 and... Micah Superman!
 The dynamic duo! (but really they were excited about the birdies in this picture ^^)
This year was a super cold year to go out and trick or treat, so before I put on the boys heavy coats I had to take a few pictures of their costumes before I covered them up. So if you have or had toddlers maybe you've had this problem and maybe not, but Judah wants to be batman every year! I mean I was lucky his first Halloween because he didn't know any better, so he was the cutest little baby lion ever. Then when he turned one he was batman. When he turned two, he was batman, and now that he's three...he's batman. I tried convincing him to be something else, but nope. I just want to see my little cutie dressed up as someone else other than batman every year. And since Micah was superman last year as well, I tried to get him to be Robin this year. But no. ohhh boys. haha Maybe I'll get lucky next year.
So this has nothing to do with Halloween but, If you haven't seen this turkey movie by the name of Free Birds yet, go watch it. It's such a funny movie. There's this little girl in it, and in almost every scene she is in, she says, "I'm tired now." and falls to the ground or floor dead asleep. Judah thinks it's the funniest thing, and so now whenever he wants to or feels like it he says, "I'm tired now." and he doesn't fall to the ground like the girl does, but he pretends to be asleep like in this photo above...^^ It is seriously the FUNNIEST thing ever. I laugh everytime because I never expect it. And Micah... he's just having fun jumping up and down. (:
Even though I didn't want them to be batman and superman this year, they are pretty adorable. ♥
Since it was freezing cold, and the wind was awful we didn't trick or treat very long at all. We walked around the neighborhood and thank God neighbors are awesome and we got handfuls of candy as if we went around town to every door knocking. It was ridiculously cold you guys, no lie. And yes, those are easter egg baskets my bambinos are holding because I didn't like any halloween basket or bag enough to buy one. This Halloween, even though I wanted to dress up, I didn't because I am lazy and didn't feel like making a costume to match the boys' costumes. Not that I had time to anyways (love college.) If you forgot already, I am pregnant and it is hard to find any cute costumes for pregnant ladies, so you pretty much have to make one if you want to be cute. yea... Next year though!

 And hopefully Evan won't have to be out in the field again so he can actually have his first Halloween with us! He hasn't had one with us yet. Well he's had one with me before we had the babies, but since then...nope. I can't wait for the year he actually gets to spend all the Holidays with us. It's like the army knows when it's any of our birthdays or anniversaries every year to schedule a field outing or a deployment. Anyways, I can't wait to spend Halloween with my whole family. One day. ♥