Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Baby Shower Madness

I guess you could say I am really extremely blessed. I was fortunate enough to accidentally have not one, but three baby showers! I know, I know crazy. But when you are a part of two cultures, it can happen. As you know I am Mexican/American, so I have a lot of family on both sides, and when you put them together it's some what awkward and not fun because no one knows what the other one is saying and then you have to translate everything to everyone and it become a lot of work and not so much fun. So that being said I had a hispanic baby shower and two american baby showers....if you keep on reading you'll see why. (:
Boy or Girl!! Two more weeks or less! 
This was my first baby shower my hispanic family threw for me. It was a diaper shower! Ya know.. since we don't know what I'm having, might as well shower me with diapers and baby wipes because I'll be needing plenty. There was a lot of people there and if you are Mexican, then you know how big our families are and how many people show up to all kinds of events. They come for the food! ahaha seriously though. I'm really blessed to have soo many amazing people in my life who love and support me, especially when I am feeling down and alone. These people make me realize that I'm not alone. (: I really wish I could have gotten a group picture, but we were just having so much fun, I didn't even think about it until after.
First, I would like to thank my amazing cousin Katherine for making this awesomely beautiful and delicious cake! The cookies were awesomely beautiful and delicious too! Katherine you are awesome and the best cake maker I know. ♥ If you need anything done from cakes to cookies and dessert, Katherine is your girl! You can find her on facebook here! She's the best!
 So I got this idea from Pinterest^^ I wish I would have known to do this a long time ago! Especially from my wedding. We had so many thank you cards to write and hardly no one's address. We had to hunt down a lot of addresses and some, we never found out. It was a sad story. Anyways, this was awesome! It also is going to save me a lot of time, and from having to write everyones names and addresses!
 We're all pregnant, no worries. (:
 My beautiful family. ♥
I also want to say thank you to my amazing Aunt Claudette for the most unique and funny games! It was soo much fun! I love all of you with all of my heart. ♥
And this is my amazing friend Jess! She's been there for me through almost everything, I love her! And we're both pregnant together! It's so exciting! I'm also 37 weeks in this picture! And Jess is six months! 
These amazing ladies threw me a surprise baby shower during life groups! I walked in with all the lights shut off thinking,"wha... where is everyone?" Turn the lights on and everyone jumps out,"SURPRISE!" I was very surprised. These ladies are so amazing and thoughtful. A lot of them couldn't make it to my original baby shower, so since they knew they weren't going to be able to make it, they threw me one! I am really blessed with the best. God has his ways of knowing how to cheer one's soul. He's blessed me with all of these precious ladies right here. ♥
My cute cake that Angel's mom made for me. So precious! I know I've said thank you a million times, but I'm going to say it again, THANK YOU!!♥ Love you girls!

P.S. I sort of put the pictures out of order because I definitely had this one with my life group before the American one. hehe. I'm tired all the time though, so blame the pregnancy! And I'm too lazy to switch it around. So there you go. (:
Happy Wednesday!