Saturday, November 1, 2014

35 Weeks and Counting

 Yes yes, another week, another story. So if you live in Missouri, I hope you didn't go out in the cold last night, because I am suffering for it now. I love how this past week, I went from wearing sleeveless shirts with no sweater to long sleeve shirts and a jacket, scarf, and hat. The only new news I have for you is, I got my hair colored again! This time it's a lighter pink! I'm in love with it. All thanks to my amazing hair guru Carissa! I'm also in love with my baby bump. It's kind of cute, I think. ♥ 
It's actually 3 in the morning right now. I had a video presentation due for my literature class at midnight, and since my video was taking hours to upload I fell asleep with my kids around 10. Uploading 8 minute videos are no joke you guys. Anyways, I just woke up to see if it finished uploading. It never finished on Youtube. GO YOUTUBE! but thank God it did on Vimeo, so I was able to finally turn it in 2 hours and however many minutes late. Go me! I love college.
And this picture, because I haven't worn this necklace since high school when my cousin Carmen broke it at the fair and fixed it for me so I could wear it again. And I am really diggin my hair color right now. I hope it never washes out. 

P.S. I will try my best to get Halloween pictures to you by Monday! I have a lot on my plate right now, plus these awful allergies thanks to trick-or-treating. It was a very cold and windy night. Bad night to go trick-or-treating if you live in the heartland.

FIVE more weeks you guys!