Friday, October 10, 2014

Happy 31 Weeks of Pregnancy

Being so busy with college, I just got around to getting these pictures on my computer this week instead of last week. This week I am actually 32 weeks pregnant! Yay! and yes pictures of me being 32 weeks pregnant is to come. So this one here is from last week. I'm a week behind! gah. I'll try to get my 32 weeks photo up sometime this weekend hopefully. Not that you all really care, but I like to see my own progress. It's FUN! and I try to make my outfits look somewhat cute. ♥ 
Also, this week life groups at my church started, and It was so much fun! I really had a good time, and I met a few new people, so that's always nice. My husband would be proud. haha Since moving to Kansas I've been somewhat of a loner. It's hard to make new friends in a new state that you've never lived in! Am I right? Or am I right? So I'm gonna cut this short even though I have so much to say...but I gotta do some more homework. gahh midterms are this week and next week and I have a lot of papers to write and tests to study for. dum dum dum
This boy and his notorious kissy faces! Love!
Judah has a thing with wearing gloves. hahaha
Until sometime this weekend hopefully! ta ta! ♥