Friday, October 3, 2014

A Trip to the Farmers Market

 Amidst all of the homework I have yet to finish, I decided to take a break. I heard it was the last day for the Farmers Market yesterday and I didn't want to miss it. I'm not sure if it was or not but you never know! So I took the critters to get some amazing Amish donuts. I was almost tempted to get one for myself, but I'm glad I didn't because those donuts are HUGE and Judah and Micah weren't able to finish all of theirs. I helped. (:
 This guy here is...what's the word for it...spontaneous? Yea. He's spontaneous. He's been potty trained now for almost a year and when he has to go, he's not joking. We had just got to the farmers market when Judah decided he had to go pee. So while I was trying to get Micah so we could rush off to the bathroom, I turn around to see Judah with his pants on his ankles... yep. Embarrassed mom over here trying to cover up what Judah was doing with her body. I'm sure a few people saw, but luckily the market wasn't as crowded today because of the rain. It was really embarrassing despite who saw it, but it made for a good laugh after all was said and done. 
 This face, I consider to be the pure joy of sugar. ♥
As soon as the rain decided it was time to "let it rain"...we ran to the car and I let them sit in the trunk to finish eating their donuts. Better in the trunk thank in the car seats right? I hardly ever let them eat or drink anything in the car unless it's water or a non messy I imagine they were a bit confused as to why I was letting them eat their donuts in the car. haha It was a fun little spontaneous adventure. (: