Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Day at Grant's Farm

I know I'm really behind on postings and behind on everything else too I feel I apologize. Last Saturday though was a super fun one. My mother-in-law had the fantastic idea to take the kids to Grant's Farm, and since my sister-in-law, her kiddos, me, and my kiddos have never gone we decided "let's go!".
I don't know about you, but I've never been this up close to a camel before and they are not fancy animals. I was proud of Judah and Micah for feeding the camel because I couldn't do it. It was too gross for me, and yes I made sure after they fed them that they clean their hands very very good. I'm little bit of a germophobe. One thing I can say about the camels is that they are very nice and silly. (:
So if you ever have gone to Grant's Farm you know that the goat feeding is the main attraction there. So many goats, so many to feed, and the milk bottles are only a dollar each. As soon as Micah entered the cage he seemed to be enjoying all the goats company...until the goats started tackling him, chewing on his clothes, knocking him down countless times, and fighting over his bottle of milk. He finally realized what they really wanted and threw the bottle out of his way and all the goats left him to get the bottle. It was really funny. I laughed for a good while. Micah on the other hand was not so happy anymore. hahaha
Although Micah didn't have a good experience feeding the goats, at least Judah did. He's a little bit older so when he saw his Auntie Kristen and his cousins feeding the goats he went along and mimicked them. He's a bit stronger too I have to admit, so there was no goat that was going to knock him over. He thought it was funny when the goats fought over his bottle and pretty much laughed it off, or he would push the goat away and try to continue to feed the goat he was feeding in the first place. I had a good time just watching them. It's not everyday you get to see your kids in a cage full of very hungry goats waiting to be fed!
Micah, Judah, Lexie, and Xavier. The fab four!^^
There were other animals at the farm like this Bald Eagle! It's soo pretty that I just had to share this picture with you. I didn't get very good pictures of the other animals that were in the park. There were soo many! It was very cool! So if you're ever in St. Louis and you have kids, Grants Farm is the place to go. I had a good time.
Judah being silly ♥^^
This is where the food court was located. Pretty fancy if you ask me. They had this loud weird foreign music playing really loudly that I thought was pretty cool. They also had horse stables inside and all of these vintage horse carriages.
Most of the stables had Halloween displays instead of horses. Maybe because of the season? 
And of course there was a carousel at the Farm, so ya know, we had to. (: