Saturday, October 25, 2014

34 Weeks...Almost there!

 There are soo many feelings and emotions that come with being this far along in my pregnancy. There are soo many words to be said about this baby I have yet to meet. I'm beyond excited and nervous at the same time. I wonder what color the baby's hair is going to be, or the baby's eye color. I keep telling everyone I don't care if the baby is a boy or a girl as long as he or she has dark hair and blue or green eyes. What? A girl can dream. haha Either way I know she or he will be just as lovely as one can be. 
I'm also still in a pickle about what to name the baby. Part of me just wants to wait until I meet him or her to decide on a name and the other side of me wants to have it picked out now just in case I can't decide for days after the child is born. Does that happen to people who wait? I'm oddly not as anxious to find out the baby's gender as I thought I'd be about now. I guess because if it's a boy then I already have everything I need, and well if it's a girl...SHOPPING TIME! haha Seriously though. 
Lately I've been thinking how many women take being pregnant for granted. They don't realize how truly blessed they really are to have a life growing inside of them. The fact that they are able to conceive a child is amazing. Soo many women can't, and they have soo much trouble trying and trying and having miscarriages and it sucks. Then there are the others who don't appreciate their own child inside of them. 
I'm just having a Friday night rant, but you know what I mean? I'm not going to go into the topic of abortion because that's really heavy and I could go on all night on that, but seriously. A life is a life. You are blessed to be living and you are blessed to be able to have a life grow inside of you. End of story.

Anyways, I'm very thankful to be this far along and I can't wait for this next month to take it's course. God is always good and He's always looking out for me. I've been hit hard with soo many things during this pregnancy. It has just been one thing after another, but God has always been there to keep me strong and to help me pull through it all. 
Hope everyone is having a beautiful weekend full of love and laughter.♥