Monday, September 15, 2014

♥ Cape County Fair ♥

I remember going to the fair almost every single day when it was in town. Since I've been married with kids I've only gone once or twice every year. I went twice this year. I went to the Jeremy Camp concert on Tuesday night, which was amazing!! Anyone who didn't go really missed out. That's all I did at the fair that day. I went home as soon as it was over. I had homework to do. haha Then I decided to take the kids on Semo Fair Day!! Bracelets to ride all the rides unlimited were only 10 dollars each! I bought my dad one too so he could ride the rides with the kiddos since I couldn't considering I'm pregnant. hehe My dad wasn't too fond of riding most of the rides. 
Micah was so sad that he couldn't ride in the tea cup with Judah (Micah was an inch too short). So Judah rode it alone! Which really surprised me! Go Judah! and he didn't cry! My little boy is growing up! My dad said it twirled too much for him to get on it. I don't blame him. I got a little sick just watching some of the rides go round and round. This pregnancy guys...
So some of the rides Micah could ride, like this one here^^ he enjoyed for maybe the first minute and then when he realized it was going round and round longer than he wanted it to, he started crying and tried to get out! You never know with kids. He really seemed to enjoy it at first. He was laughing and laughing and smiling and then the laughing turned into crying. Darn. I didn't think he would go on any other rides after this one but he did. We put him on this boat ride next. He was really excited about it. (I couldn't get a good picture of the boys because these two older boys were in front of them). Then the ride started and it was like a boat in a bad storm going in all kinds of directions. Micah started crying right away. It was bad. I felt so bad for him. Judah enjoyed it though. I could hear him yelling, "mom! Micah crying!" over and over.
This photo here ^^ my dear friends is going up on my wall. Micah took this photo with my camera! He wasn't tall enough to ride this ride and was upset about it so I let him take a few pictures. This little guy is going to be a professional photographer one of these days. He is going places. haha (Judah and my dad were in the Yellow basket up there...just so ya know).
Anyone who knows Evan, knows this photo is like father like son. Judah imitating his dad's Zoolander face. Oh yea.
And of course I had to get them both batman balloon thingys. They saw this other kid with one the other day at my brother's soccer game and they really wanted one, so I got them each one. Why not? Right? They popped both of them yesterday. Rest in peace Batman.
While I was busy taking this picture of Judah, I looked over to see where Micah was and caught him kissing a goat on the other side!! Man I'm so upset I didn't get that on camera! It was the cutest thing I've ever seen!
Before we decided it was time to go home after spending four hours at the fair, we let the kids ride a few more rides, and I'm glad we did! Micah and Judah both rode this ride two times in a row since there was no one in line! And Micah didn't cry this time! It was great!
Since Micah didn't go on the carousel the first time around, we went on it again and the carny guy let me on with the kiddos even though I didn't have a bracelet. sshhh. Micah loved it. Can you tell?

Anyways, happy Monday everybody!