Saturday, September 13, 2014

♥ Cape County Fair Kick-Off Parade ♥

This was right before the parade started. I was trying to get a good picture with Judah and Micah but they weren't to keen on sitting still for me. haha Micah wanted to take pictures with my camera and Judah wanted my phone. These kidzzz..
This was Judah and Micah's first parade! The last parade we went to, they were both in the stroller and weren't aware of what was going on or where they were at. I think it was a Christmas parade?? I don't remember that well. Lets just say they both had no idea what we were doing sitting on the side of the street. I bet they were wondering why there were so many people lined up all up and down the street on both sides. Before they started to get bored we started yelling out the colors of the cars that were passing by before the parade started. That was fun. Judah's speech isn't very clear yet so it was really cute and funny hearing him trying to pronounce all of them.
Once the parade started they were so excited because they were getting candy thrown at them almost the entire time. They were in candy heaven. Then they were really enthused with the marching bands and the awesome music they played as they marched down the street. It was great. Micah even started dancing and shaking his booty at one point. It was fantastic. hahaha Then Judah started to do the same.
Yay for lollipops! Everytime they'd get a new lollipop they wanted to open it just to see what flavor it was. We had those pops everywhere. It was crazy. We left the parade with my tote almost over half full. We had so much candy it was ridiculous.
Mi corazon! ♥
Got a good one!!!
For those of you who don't know yet, this is Judah's new batman pose. ^^ I don't think he was the slightest excited about about the huge tractors behind him. 
These two boys win my heart everyday. ♥ Love them like crazy.

P.S. this parade was last Saturday. I'm just really behind on posting stuff because of college and any free time I get, I tend to these two studs. Like right now, I should be doing homework but like I said before, I just need a break from school work. gahhh. 
Anyways... Happy Saturday!!!