Saturday, September 27, 2014

30 Weeks Pregnant ♥

 Hello thirty weeks! It's nice to meet you again for the third time!
So the jeans I'm wearing in this picture above, aren't maternity jeans, and they're the most comfortable good looking jeans that I can still wear. Of course I am wearing a ponytail around the button holes to keep them together but they're not uncomfortable in any way. And all you have to do is wear a long shirt over it or put on a belly band if you have one and problem solved! And here I was complaining about if I should buy some maternity jeans only having two months left. pshh nope. haha Also, the jeans are Mossimo denim leggings, incase you were wondering. (:

I don't know about you, but I felt soo good today. I finished a hot load of homework throughout the week. I still have more, ya know? It's college. You're always going to have homework, but I didn't feel like stressing out about that today. Today, I relaxed. I took the kids outside to ride their scooters up and down the hills. It was tiring but a lot of fun. It's always fun when you get to see your kids having fun, no? Oh, I also took a nap with them today for TWO hours! Which I haven't done in a long while because I'd try to get homework done while they're both napping, if they're both napping at the same time. That was the best two hour nap I've had in maybe two or three weeks. That's a long time! haha

Yesterday was good too. I finished up some homework in the morning. I went out to eat lunch with my dad and the kids, I got to see one of my best friend's from highschool that I haven't seen in months! It was really nice. We even took our kids to look for Halloween costumes. (We BOTH have kids!!) I had a really good time. It was something I haven't done with any of my friends in a really long time, so It was much needed.
Do you know what else is much needed? A pedicure. I need one bad...ya know, since I can't reach my toes and all. It's serious business ya'll. Maybe I'll get to next week sometime hopefully.
You know what else? God is good always. He's always looking out for my best interests. So thank you Jesus for giving me two really good days, that have really boosted my mood and put my mind at ease. I'm just really happy right now. I hope you can tell.
Ten more weeks! GAHH!! I'm nervous and excited all at the same time.
I hope everyone is having an awesome Saturday. I know I am!