Sunday, August 3, 2014

Riding Scooters, Cape Splash, and Chicken Pox

This entire summer I have been hesitant on letting the critters ride their scooters out in front of the house instead of in the back yard due to all the hills in my parents neighborhood. There's a hill in front, in the back, and to the right up the street. I really need to buy these guys helmets. I've just been putting it off because I can never find one that fits my boys' heads in the store and I'm too scared to buy them online because I hate hate hate returning stuff. I'm really picky I guess. I did get a really good work out this day though. Chasing those guys everywhere to make sure they didn't go too far up the hills was tough. 
This point was as far as I let either of them go up one of the hills because although the hill is not steep, it's a long way down and they can pick up speed quicker than I can run with this baby inside of me. Sheesh! I'm super glad they had fun though and that's all that matters to me. I also care if they're safe, but you know, that's a given. (:
I took them to the local water park on Friday. It was a nice hot day out and I decided why not? I haven't yet. So we went and I'm glad we did. Judah and Micah had so much fun. Their was a splash pad there as well but they didn't play there long. Once they spotted the small kiddie water slides they sprinted over there without warning. They're soo silly.
One thing I was super stoked about was being able to take my phone near the water since I now have a "water proof" phone. I'm still hesitant on getting it wet wet just because... it is a phone and you never know. But I wasn't worrying if someone splashed water onto it, I just didn't want to put it under water. You know what I mean? I just like to take close ups with my phone like these? Instead of being far away and blurry.
Also, these floaties are the bomb!! I finally bought the boys floaties and I'm in love with them. They help with floating and they're super adorable! Yay!
On the downside, when we got home, I discovered Judah's small case of the chicken pox. He had a really high fever and was really cranky and hurting in certain places and when I checked those places, I knew what it was. It's weird how those spots just show up all of a sudden. Before we left for the water park he didn't have any and then when we got home they were all over certain areas of his body. My heart hurt for him. I also hardly slept at all last night because I'm one of those moms that still sleeps with her kids and Judah was up crying most of the night. When Judah wasn't crying, Micah was crying, and when Micah wasn't crying, I was crying because I just wanted to sleep and for Judah to feel better. Hopefully he'll get over it quick. I hate seeing him feel this awful and not being able to do much about it. :(

Also, I'm up right now writing this because Judah and Micah are still awake. They're not crying though. So that's a plus. Thank God for Disney Junior. Literally.