Saturday, August 23, 2014

25 Weeks and Humid

So this past week was just the same as last week only the pain is worse and I have to pee a lot more. Also, since June I've been missing Evan like crazy. I keep seeing all of these other blogs and facebook posts about how amazing these women's husbands are and all these sweet things that they do for them, and all of the sweet pictures with the dad's with their kids and pregnant wives, and I'm over here like... please don't rub it in. Just stop. stop it now. I guess I keep forgetting what it was like to have Evan home almost all of the time, except for when he had to work, before he joined the Army. I don't mean to complain but, ya know... I have to vent some where. haha All of you other Military wives know how I feel. I'm especially really not looking forward to giving birth with out Evan being there either. It's going to be bittersweet that's for sure.
So yesterday when I went outside to take these photographs, it was unreal how humid it was. Also the more humidity the more mosquitos. I was outside for maybe 10 minutes and had 11 or more mosquito bites. I guess I should have worn jeans and a long sleeve shirt. Evan and I joke about our blood being super sweet because we always get the most mosquito bites during the summer. They love us. hah yea... Also, my hair is more orange now than pink. Well sort of like a melon color. It kind of looks cool I think.
Remember how I use to blog about how healthy I had been eating? Yea... that kind of spiraled out of control. Andy's Frozen Custard (because when it's so hot plus super humid, you gotta), Pizza Hut, and China Palace. Yes. I blame you. I went to Schnucks today and bought only fruit and veggies. I'm going to try to get back to my healthy eating. I hate feeling this guilty!! haha. One cheat a week turned into one cheat everyday. No bueno Cesia, no bueno. 
Anyways, happy weekending ya'll!