Monday, July 28, 2014

21 Weeks Pregnant and Feeling Baby Move for the First Time ♥

How do I look for 21 weeks pregnant? eh? eh? Don't worry, I tried really hard to look good in these pictures. I curled my hair, without hairspray so it did fall into pretty wavy locks. I pinned my hair back to give it an extra something. I actually put on makeup. I even dressed up, if you consider slipping on a dress dressing up. Then I took several photos of myself with the self timer on my camera, only to get two good shots. Man. It was a lot of work.
Besides all the hard work I put into trying to look decent, I'm feeling pretty good this week. Other than being highly emotional and crying over every little thing. This hot weather hasn't been helping me much either. I'll get over it soon enough though. I'm trying to keep a positive attitude.
So I went to the doctor last Monday for my 20 week ultra sound and before then, I was freaking out because I hadn't felt the baby move yet. So I asked the doctor if it was normal that I hadn't felt the baby move. She assured me that I had felt the baby move, I was just probably too busy to notice...
 Too busy to notice? Too busy to notice!!?? Well after thinking about it, it did sound reasonable considering how busy I have been with the boys all day everyday, but trust me I had been paying close attention at all times of the day and night to feel the baby move. The doctor also told me that I needed to take a break and relax a little and then maybe, I'd feel the baby move. During the ultra sound the baby was moving around pretty good, but I couldn't feel it. Maybe I was trying to hard to feel it? I have no idea. I was just happy that there wasn't anything wrong with the baby and it was just me. haha

Later on last week, I had to stay up really late to design a t-shirt design for my husband's company overseas. While I was sitting there, I finally felt the baby move! I was soo happy!  I wasn't expecting it at all, and there it was. Funny thing is, since then, I've been able to feel the baby move pretty frequently. Maybe I was stressing too much before the ultra sound and that's why I wasn't feeling the baby move? Who knows but I'm just happy I can feel baby move all the time now. It lets me know there is a strong and healthy life growing inside of me. God is good all the time. ♥
Happy Monday!