Friday, June 13, 2014

Visiting the Heartland

In honor of my mother's birthday, there was a surprise party thrown for her at a friends house. As you can see in the picture below us Mexicans can't go without a good hitting of the pinata!
Here's my boy taking a swing at it!
and there he is in the background crying because it was someone else's turn.
My beautiful mother about to blow out her Birthday candles ^^
Micah with his Paw-Paw. He wanted to exercise during the party. hehe
This was on Memorial day. We went to Evan's family's barbeque at his step-grandparents house. We spent a good part of the day there and they have the most beautiful house and backyard. The kids played for a couple hours just exploring the surroundings of the home. It was great.
My little explorers. My heart. ♥
I have to say, I LOVE how chubby Micah is. I can't help but laugh every time his pants pop open in the front because of his belly. It's too adorable!
We found this unique butterfly in Marietta's (Evan's step-grandmother's) garden.
During our visit, Evan's mother threw him a nice going away party. It was really sweet. We also had an early fake 4th of July for Evan with his family. They like to do it BIG every year. That's not an exaggeration. I didn't get to take very many any pictures at the going away party and none at all at the 4th of July shoot off because I forgot my camera's battery charger in Kansas. When it came down to it, my phone for some reason was always almost dead and wouldn't let me take any good pictures. So instead I used my Instax Wide Camera (sort of like a polaroid) and I used all of the film I had...and then proceeded to leave all of those pictures in MO. So sad, but I'll get them later on this month when I move back to Missouri. 
So that's what you missed for two weeks...almost three.
I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!