Tuesday, June 17, 2014

If It's a Summer Day and Not a Cloud in Sight, We Go Swimming!

This was the first time going to the pool this Summer and they loved it! Last year around this time Micah didn't want anything to do with being in the pool, but now it looks like he's loving it! Yay!
The water was really cold. I am not exaggerating! This is Judah splashing the water around because he doesn't want to get his whole body wet yet. I did not want to get in because it was so cold, but thank you to my sweet and loving husband I got pushed in.  I had to deal.
This was the best part about the pool, because you weren't all the way in the cold water. You have the back open for sun beating and warmth and the front in the cold water. It sort of evens out, don't ya think?
Judah loved the water sprout! He kept sitting on it like this and I thought it was the funniest thing! 
This is Judah's, 'I just got out of the water and it's cold' face. Also, the Kansas winds did not help at all.
My sweet Evan took almost all of these photographs, while I was in the pool with the critters making sure they were safe. I have yet to buy them safety pool gear. I should do that soon. We did bring one of those baby floater tubes, but we only had one and the boys kept fighting over it, so we had to put it away. Those boys. haha 

Well I hope everyone is having an awesome week so far! Until next time!