Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Moving Forward

Whilst feeling sick, tired, and nauseated due to pregnancy I have been in very high spirits lately. First of all I am pregnant again! haha I'm so crazy. I am going to have another little creature running around my house soon and being just as mischievous as Judah and Micah. Secondly, I started college this Summer!! I actually started online classes a week ago! This fall I am also going to be taking online classes due to my pregnancy. Wouldn't be good to pop during class or walking around on campus, and then missing class, tests, and homework during and afterwords.. Thirdly, Evan is back here in Missouri with me! FINALLY!! I don't remember the last time I was here with him; it's been a while! I am so happy I've been getting to spend real time with my man and our families before deployment. These last few months have been super hectic with Evan being gone so much and barely getting to see him due to all of this pre-deployment training he has been doing. I'm in no rush for this two week vacation to be over with. I'm trying to keep positive and not think about going back to Kansas only to pack up the Uhaul, say goodbye to my lover, and move back to MO without my main man. 
This is in Kansas before we drove eight hours here to Missouri. Our boys sure love to get sprayed with the water hose!