Monday, April 21, 2014

♥ Judah is Three! ♥

Judah's Birthday was on Saturday the 19th, I haven't blogged much at all because of morning/all day sickness. This pregnancy hasn't been going so well this time around. I wasn't ever this sick with Judah or Micah. Third time's a charm right? Anyways, Judah had a nice surprise seeing this Oreo cake all for him! Micah was excited for it too!
They're getting really good at digging into their cakes when they see it!
We went ahead and celebrated Judah's Birthday twenty days earlier than his real birthday so Evan could be there with us. Being an army spouse is hard work and we're doing the best we can with trying to make the most of memories when we can. So if we have to celebrate a birthday a month early just so Evan can be part of the celebration, then so be it. I can't wait for May to come around so I can see this handsome face again!
For Judah's actual Birthday, his grandma Sonya and I took him out for lunch and a milkshake! Then we took the boys to the park to play. They played all day, even though it was super hot outside. These boys just never get tired! I got tired just standing there and walking around with them...then again I am pregnant. So there's that excuse. haha
Judah and Micah both played on this slide the entire time. They yelled and squealed all the way down because they liked the way their voices sounded. It was so funny. I wish I had a video! I feel that I'm getting old because Judah is three now and Micah will soon be two and here I am baking another one in the oven, and then I remember I'm only twenty years old. Man I am young! haha I still can't believe these two handsome young men are mine. I am so blessed.
Micah was being a little dare devil trying to stand going down the slide and then falling on his stomach the rest of the way down. He's something else. Later on we went home for a nap and then returned to the park for some more fun. Happy third birthday Judah man!