Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Little Trip to the Zoo ♥

No stroller for these guys. Last time we went to the Zoo, we rented a double stroller for these boys, and they didn't even ride in it 90 percent of the time. It was more of a struggle to put them in and take them out over and over again. Besides, it's good for them to walk/run every where so they can explore more by themselves. 
The Rolling Hills Zoo had a farm area with farm animals! So cool! I've never been to a Zoo that had a farm animal area. We let Judah and Micah feed this animal...(I think it's some kind of cow.. I don't remember and I'm horrible with animal names.. Don't judge. haha). Micah was first and he started crying when it licked his hand. Then when Ev handed some food to Judah, he was all, "uh uh. no dad. no". haha Evan fed him the rest. 
Sometime you gotta hold them down to take a picture. haha They were having soo much fun. I think this is the first time we went somewhere public and just let them go every where. Instead of Evan, and I leading the way, Judah and Micah led the way. It made me happy watching them be so happy and free instead of in a stroller and screaming. They're not that hard to keep up with. Maybe If I was by myself it would be hard, but I have my amazing fit husband to do all the work for me while I just take pictures. (:
So this Zoo also had a play area... I guess for the kids who get bored looking at animals for a few hours. 
i.e. my kids.
This made me super happy. Cute little turtle family.
And Swans...they're so beautiful.
While we were trying to leave, the boys found the gorilla to play with. They really like being in between this gorilla's legs, but there was only room for one of them, so they took turns. Judah is in there in this picture.

So I know this Zoo trip was last week... but I've been busy people. (:
Happy Wednesday!