Sunday, March 9, 2014

Conversations With Judah

Judah will sometimes tell me, "dance mom! dance mom!", he'll point at our JBL (music box, sort of like an IHome, but for androids) insinuating for me to turn the music on, and he'll hold out his arms wide for me to pick him up. I'll pick him up and we'll sway side to side like ballroom dancers do. He loves it! 

Sometimes when I try to help him with what ever he's working on, he tells me, "no mom, don't do that." and he'll undo what ever I did and re-do it himself and say, "look mom, I did it! Good job Judah!!". Yes, he compliments himself. ahaha

When it is time for bed, Judah often tells me, "mom! close eyes!" and he'll close his eyes and clasp his hands together so that we can pray before we sleep or eat.

Every time I make Judah pb&J, he eats everything but the crust and throws it on the floor. Oddly it's more adorable than annoying to me. Don't worry though, I do make him pick it up.

Judah wanted me to open a bag of blocks and when I did, he said, "wow! cool mom! you did it! good job!". He's always telling me 'good job' these days. I don't mind! (:

Judah gets really excited and giggles every time any one calls him Judah Batman. It's so funny.

Judah called me batman the other day and I told him, "No Judah, I'm mommy." and he laughed and said, "okay batman mommy."

Almost every time I take him potty, he wants me to lift him up so he can see batman "himself" in the mirror. Once he see's himself in the mirror, he raises his right hand up like superman and says "baaaat-maaan!" really really loud and he always has the biggest smile on his face. It's precious.

Instead of calling his brother "Micah" sometimes he calls him "superman".