Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Pirate and the Photo Bomber

Taking this picture, I thought he was going to open up his eyes and give my a smoochy face... but instead..
because he's wearing a pirate shirt, he has to act like one too. I love little boys. (:
To be clear, this is Micah's "arrrrg" face. hehe and yes he was making the sound as well.
Micah is about to get me and there he is! The photo bomber Judah!!!^^ my loves are so silly!
There is seriously nothing better than watching my kids impersonate different characters from tv shows or books that we read. It's so much fun to watch and play along with them. I'm beyond blessed to get to do this with them everyday. Thank you Jesus! I love you! (:
I hope everyone is having an awesome weekend and hopefully no one gets hit by another winter storm. That would not make anyone happy! Praying for Spring to come quick!