Monday, February 24, 2014

Fun Sweater Weather Day This Past Week

This past week the weather felt so nice for maybe two days. And when I say 'so nice' I mean it was between 50-40 degrees. Not bad considering how we were getting used to 20 degree weather. Which we're back at, at this point into the week. I'm so glad we were able to get out and have some fun finally without freezing our butts off of being outside for more than 10 minutes.
Micah also learned how much fun going down the slide by himself can be. On this straight tube he kept diving onto the ground over and over. It freaked me out the first time and then he seemed to like it and even laughed about it, so then I just let him do it. Judah helps in the process. Do you see his feet on the side of Micah's arm? Silly boys.
Judah and Micah both learned how to climb up this thing finally!^^ They are both at this stage where I want them to stay forever. They're so adorable and precious the way they talk and play with one another. I can't get enough of it. I know I say that a lot. Bare with me here. We played outside for about two hours before I knew everyone was hungry and it was time to go home and eat.
So basically all of the snaps I got of Judah going down the slide, this was his face every time. Gahhh! I love it! 
Judah didn't want to swing that day, so I let him push Micah. He loved it. Can you tell?
Judah and Micah the bandits. They're gonna get me. No seriously. They were running around shooting at me almost the entire time. 
As a result of Judah giving Micah that extra umph of push down the slide, I was able to get this picture. I really want to frame this one. It's too incredibly precious not to. 
When Judah finally put his gun down for a second, I turned it around on him. Hand up Mister! But instead he took it from me like this. Darn. haha
So the entire time we were there, there was at least two families that came and left within a few minutes. They probably were thinking, "who's this crazy lady with the camera snapping pictures of those kids that most likely aren't even hers, because she looks too young to have kids and those kids have light skin with blonde hair and she has dark skin with black hair... Lets leave." Yea probably. Maybe. I have no idea. We sure had fun though. haha
Happy Monday!