Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Double Trouble

So I'm in the process of weening Micah from nursing and If you are a mother that has nursed before you know how horrible the process is. We have built up so much milk that you can't just quit cold turkey. Well in my case I've been slowly weening Micah to prevent hard rock balls on my chest instead of having normal boobies. But then that's not the only problem with weening. Our boobies are basically your child's pacifier. When something goes awry or they start to feel antsy or tired, they want the chi chi. You know what I'm talking about. So along with dealing with the pain, you also have to deal with the abnormally cranky baby child that only settles for the chi chi certain times of the day. In my case it's always through out the night. 
I hardly was able to get any sleep at all last night. Micah made sure of that. Judah helped a little. 

I was able to get Micah to bed around 9pm which is his bed time every night. I try to get Judah to go to sleep around the same time but he is a fighter. All the lights in the house will be turned out and he still is a little firecracker. He didn't fall asleep until 12am. Yep. I was so ready to fall asleep. I almost dozed off when all of a sudden Micah wakes up crying. I wait a little bit in hopes of him falling back asleep... nope. So I get up, make him some milk because I already knew what he wanted. Well we stayed up for maybe two hours, me trying to get him to take the milk instead of my boobs to which point have barely any milk left. So he doesn't take the milk I made him and instead passes out from trying to fight with me. Finally I get to bed. 6am. Micah wakes up again. Then again he fights with me for an hour. This is seriously the hardest thing ever. Because as much as I want to give him my chi chi, I can't. He's seventeen months now and If I don't ween him now, he'll be two before I know it and I'd be that mom that's still feeding her child up until he's five. haha. Not really though. I would never go there. So around 8am. Judah is up and Micah falls asleep in his high chair while I'm trying to feed them breakfast. I'm was making that 'I just lost four hours of sleep because of you and now you get to take a nap and I don't? grrrr' face. Perks of being a mom. Right? ahhh the daily struggles. 

Well at least he's almost weened! Am I right? or am I right? 
Judah was much more easier to ween from what I can remember. Mainly because he had no trouble taking the bottle vs my chi chi. Micah on the other hand took a while to even take anything other than my chi chi. He never took the bottle. He only drinks from those sippy cups with the straw. Which is fine by me. 
Good ole Micah.