Sunday, January 12, 2014

Evan's Promotion + Little Cuties

So this is maybe a week late...but my lova just got promoted!! I'm super super proud of him. He's worked very hard to be the best soldier he can be and he is achieving everything he's been working so hard for! And the best part is, I was given the honor of promoting him! I gave him a pretty good punch too!
This is Micah's smooch face when I ask him for a besito (kissy). Judah now makes the smooch face as well. It's always these small details that are so big, it fills my heart with overwhelming unexplainable feelings for my children. I never want these feelings to disappear. 
Then he goes and makes all of these faces. The Many Faces of Micah every one. Love love love. All the while Judah is jumping in and out of the crib like a monkey and luckily he has mastered it. Now I only have to worry about Micah trying to jump over. Following in his brother's footsteps.
In case you were wondering, this is what bed time looks like. Is it like this in your house too?