Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Funny Story

This morning I decided to sneak in a shower since I had just fed the boys breakfast and they both were comfortably sitting on the recliner together, drinking their chocolate milk, and watching Pocoyo. Sooo while I was in the shower, I thought it was weird that neither of the boys came to the door banging like they usually do, so I thought 'man, Pocoyo is awesome'. Well after I got dressed and all, I decided to eat a banana, went to throw the peel away, and I found the jackpot of mommy's underwear in the trash... all of my underwear. I didn't get mad, I just laughed because here I was thinking my boys are being so good and I finally got to take a shower with no interruptions or anything, and when I got out of the shower the boys were still on the recliner just like I had left them. So then I decided it was time to feed Chancho. Well guess what? I couldn't find his food bowls. I looked everywhere. So then I decided, 'well I might as well start the laundry so that while it's going, I can go look some more' I then opened up the washer and ding! ding! ding! I found Chancho's food bowls. My day was made. These chuladas are just too funny for me. haha I had a good day. Oh and I also learned a new song on my Ukulele. (: