Monday, December 16, 2013

Saturday Girls Night Inn

To start of this girls night of fun we ate a bunch of yummy yummy desserts. I don't have many friends around here but I'm glad to have met Katy. I met her about two months ago at my friend Christina's house for her baby shower...and yes we are just now getting together. Funny how that happens, no? She just shot me a FB invite to her girls party saying something along the lines of "hey! we met two months ago, but come to my party!". So of course me being the lonely loser that only hangs out with muh boyz, I went to this party, and I had a lot of fun. Being completely honest here, I almost wanted to cancel because I was nervous. I felt in the moment that I was socially awkward because I hadn't been around a bunch of girls that I didn't know since Freshman year of high school. I mean I've been around girls that I didn't know at all due to some army bbqs and get-togethers, but not many of the wives and girl friends would ever talk to me. So I decided to put on my big girl panties and do this thing, because I used to be very social until I moved here to Kansas about one year and a half ago. Good idea. I'm glad I went!
Katy has this black Christmas tree...I didn't know existed. Pretty cool eh?
I hereby introduce you to the host, Katy...
who introduced me to all of these girls holding up a sign for Ronnie, (Katy's boo). He's coming home from Afghanistan. 
By the way I would be the only one wearing funky christmas pjs and stuffing my face, while all of the other chicas there are wearing nice dressed up clothes and drinking fine wine. (:
Again, I'm so glad I had girls night with these girls! It was a well deserved time.