Friday, December 20, 2013

Family Lovin All Around + Our First Gingerbread House

"There you are! I see you!"- Me.  "Ter I am!" - Judah
Even though this atv ride didn't go anywhere, they still had a blast pretending it was.
THIS is our first gingerbread house as a family, and my first gingerbread house ever. Woo hoo!
It was Judah's idea to start sprinkling the sugar all over the house...and thus the powdered sugar throwing began.
I think at this point Judah decided to do a little dance for fun. Their faces though..
And then after all the fun was over, I of course had to clean up the mess. (: And I guess I should mention why Micah is not pictured here...I felt really bad putting him in the high chair, but he kept trying to destroy our house. Micah likes to smash anything anyone builds. Judah and I will be building a castle and here comes Micah only to knock it down, but I love him anyways. He had a good time laughing when the powdered sugar started to be thrown. Good times...good times!