Thursday, December 26, 2013

♥ Christmas Eve ♥

Well if you haven't guessed it already, we had a white Christmas! It snowed about 3 to 4 to 5 inches of snow. There's a lot of snow. I was/am currently still excited that Micah is able to actually go out and play in the snow with Judah this year... but to my dismay Micah does not like the snow. He was out there not really playing, but whimpering and whining. First of all, neither one of them wanted to wear their gloves. Both of them were whining because their hands were literally freezing, so we take them back inside to put gloves on their hands. Well Judah agrees to put gloves on but Micah refuses. We go back outside, and Micah is not having it. Judah though, he's having a blast, so we take Micah back inside and he ends up falling asleep. That's the end of that. He hasn't bothered wanting to go back outside in the snow since. :/
This is another reason why Micah doesn't like the snow. It was and still is to deep for him to be able to walk and take steps. He kept falling all over the place. Poor buddy.
This is Chancho deciding he was going to be a good boy and pose for me.
And of course we had to make Christmas cookies! Snickerdoodle! And my horribly awesomely delicious snickerdoodle (gingerbread) man! You like?
There's also this man that I'm absolutely in love with and so blessed to have in my life. ♥
We let Judah open up one present... only because it was clothes and he kept begging to open up a present. I couldn't say no. It was Christmas eve after all.
And I've never seen a little boy so happy to be getting pants instead of toys for Christmas in my life. Judah kept saying, "cool! cool mom! cool!" it was adorable. (FYI... He does get more presents that are in fact toys on Christmas).
Ev and I are starting this tradition of opening one present on Christmas Eve at midnight...We're are always too eager to open presents. We're pretty much like little kids all giddy and excited to see what's in the box!
I hope everyone one had an awesome and super blessed Christmas.