Friday, December 27, 2013

♥ Christmas Day ♥

Once upon a time, the Watkins family bought their first Christmas tree for 50% off... good deal eh? I wanted a real tree but I figured we could just keep reusing this tree every year we don't get a real one. Like this year.
Believe it or not, this is my first time having stocking stuffers ever in my entire existence. SO this was very exciting for me! I didn't want to get just any stockings. I wanted them to be special and have all of our names on them so that we can keep reusing them every year, so I saved up some money and got all of these beauties from PB. I'm in love.
Now this is the most perfect Christmas gift a girl or anyone could receive. Evan kept asking me what I wanted for Christmas and I told him I didn't want anything, but he kept insisting for me to tell him what I wanted... so I told him to paint me something nice. (Evan went to college to become an art major, until he joined the army. He hasn't really picked back up on all of the awesome artsy stuff he used to do.) Not too much to ask for, and I'm glad I did ask for it because it's beautiful and I love it soo much. I'm very blessed.
Is that a tomahawk?? You bet. Is that some ninja throwing knives? You bet. Evan never shuts up about wanting a tomahawk, so after waiting two years to see if someone else was going to buy him one, I went ahead and jumped on it. And I got him some knives while I was at it. Just for fun.
Judah and Micah are pretty content with anything that makes noises... they're also notorious for sneaking away with mommy's phone and sometimes camera, so for their stocking stuffers they both got a toy cell phone and a toy camera... and maybe they'll stop trying to sneak off with mommy's things.
 P.S. Micah was a lot happier than he looks in this photo... then again maybe he's upset because he wants to hold the camera. (: 
ahhh! There it is! That smile! The best present ever? A teepee where you can hide from the bad guys, watch tv in, read some books in, take a nap in, and even do pretty much whatever you want to do inside the teepee without anyone coming in there to stop you or bother you from whatever you're doing. That's the life right there. Life of two toddlers getting there own small space. See you later mom and dad!
Then there's Chancho. They're best friend that just so happens to be a dog.
This was our first Christmas together (just us). We usually go home every year for the holidays, so it's always spent with us staying at either my parents house or my in-laws house. Not this year. It was actually really nice. We didn't have to rush anywhere or have to feel guilty for leaving a Christmas gathering early to go to someone else's gathering. We stayed here in the comfort of our home, relaxed, listened to music, danced, and ate delicious chocolate chip cookies and milk. This was the first Christmas that I didn't go anywhere. It was actually pretty fantastic... Although seeing all the family and friends would have been nice.